The JERK Story

 Why we love what we do


Our story started off the same as almost any reptile hobbyist or breeder. For me it was my tenth birthday, I was at my uncle's wholesale pet store being granted the opportunity to pick out any animal they had. I wasn't allowed a dog or cat and was always fascinated with reptiles so I picked out a Snow Corn Snake. From there it just evolved and it wasn't until my first expo in White Plains when I realized the opportunities this industry had available. I could mix my passion and love for these amazing animals and turn it into a potential business. I dove into the ball python craze, had some unfortunate situations happen where I sold my collection. When I decided to get back into reptiles I started out with Crested Geckos and it just expanded from there. Now we work with Crested Geckos, a few Gargoyle Geckos, and all different types of colubrids.