Terms and Conditions 

​How Do I Place An Order?​

Orders can be placed directly through our website or by contacting us. We recommend going directly through our website if you are really interested in an animal just in case it sells in the process of you contacting us. 



We ship using ShipYourReptiles using FedEx Priority Overnight shipping. We are only shipping directly to your local hub at this point in time as, we feel that is the safest option right now with the delays we have experienced when shipping. We ship weather permitting on both our end to ship out and the location where the animal is going to. We can also arrange for local pick ups at well. 


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Ordering can be done directly through our website or by contacting us as well. We accept all major credit card payments as well as PayPal and Venmo. We offer payment plans for orders over $500 with a non-refundable deposit of 25% and the balance to be paid off within the agreed upon time frame. This varies depending on the shipping conditions. I'm a reasonable person and try to work my best with my customers so they can get the animal they want. No animal is considered to be on hold until a deposit is sent over. If you are interested in doing a payment plan please reach out before just sending a payment over on an animal. 


Returns & Refunds

We do not offer any returns. Refunds will be given under certain circumstances in the form of a store credit. In the very rare case of DOA we must be notified within an hour of picking the animal up there are no exceptions to this. Sometimes we get notified that the animal arrived safely many hours after it has been received. These are live animals we are working with and every time we ship an animal out is not only very stressful on the animal but also on us. 

Gecko Tails and Colors

Gecko tail drops do occur and sometimes it's for no reason at all. While in our care we would inform you of the tail drop, and if you wanted to pick out another gecko with a tail we would happily figure something out so you are happy with your new addition. However, during the shipping process we cannot guarantee that your gecko will arrive with its tail intact. It is a rare occurrence that this would happen but it can in fact happen. 

We try our best here at J.E.R.K. to really capture the true color of every animal. When we take pictures we really take our time and go through a bunch of pictures to really find ones that best represent the animal. Our pictures are NEVER edited the only thing we do here is crop them to enlarge the animal. With all that being said we can't offer a guarantee on color. Geckos may not fire up the same as well as screen displays may show off the color differently. However, what you see listed is what the gecko will look like in person, if not it will look even better. 

Sex of a Gecko

Unless a gecko is listed as to what sex it is, we don't guarantee sex. Even if it is labeled as a possible or probable male or female we cannot guarantee the sex. I have had geckos not fully develop until 25-30 grams and even though when I list something as a probable male or female I feel pretty confident it will stay that sex I just can't 100% guarantee it. 

Thank you for shopping with us!